Does using pesticides on the farm have adverse effects?

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Well-known member
Due to the constant destruction of crops by pests on the farm, practically all farmers have adopted the use of pesticides to control the emergence and activities of pests. Is this a good idea?
For one thing, I think that the use of pesticides can have adverse effects on human health.
Pesticides have been linked to various health problems, including cancer.
What do you think of the use of pesticides?
Sometimes the use of pesticides consistently may have adverse effects on human and even on plants , that's why it's necessary to make sure it is used in the right amount ..

King Belieal

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Unless you are using organic pesticides, the synthetic pesticides can affect the soil microorganisms that are beneficial to the plants and the soil and destroy it. That's why it is best to get a professional to spray the pesticide on your farm.

Monster Masterpiece

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Biologic agriculture has high price on the market that is why agricultors goes to pesticides that doesn't has this high price compared to biologic products.

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