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Greetings to all!

We are delighted to announce the recent launch of the Reactions-Leaderboard page.
In this discussion, we will keep you posted on updates and explain how it operates.

The page compiles a list of users who have recently initiated new threads in each
participating forum that are been displayed at the Active Threads page.
Currently, only members with more than 50 posts are shown and when their reaction ratio reach at least 0.01:1

We are currently undecided on the frequency of updating the Leaderboard (considering perhaps a weekly update), but this will be determined later based on feedback.

To ensure efficient performance, we have stored some user data in a table for display.
This approach was necessary as directly retrieving data from APIs significantly slowed down the page's results, especially
as more forums join our platform.

Here is the data been saved.
  • Username
  • User's Total Reactions count
  • User's Total Post count
  • Avatar url
  • Profile url
  • MicroLikes Username : Should users activate MicroLikes on their forum profile, we will utilize this username to reward top users at various intervals. Forum administrators will also have the capability to send prizes to their users through the ForumRace Dashboard(when it becomes available).
  • User's website: If users have specified a website in their profile, it will be showcased. This is a method to assist users in gaining more visibility for their websites.
This thread will be updated as needed.

If any user prefers not to participate in ForumRace's project(s), kindly inform your forum administrator or contact
Mike30 to exclude your profile from being used at ForumRace.

If you are a forum owner and want your users to compete/show off their engagement among multiple communities
Start here:
Joining ForumRace
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