How to create a new API key to integrate xenForo 2.2.x with ForumRace


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Read first about the Data that comes from forum's API key .

Forum owners should update their privacy policy to let users know that data is shared with ForumRace.
Before you create your API key, PM me to review your forum.

Starting NOW!. Subscription cost $1,500/year (serious forums only)
This applies to new forums joining after Feb, 22, 2024

Note: MicroLikes addon is required to join ForumRace.

Here is what you get for joining ForumRace
  • Your forum will be listed displaying stats here
  • Latest threads of your forum are displayed on the Active-Threads page
  • Active Members of your forum are listed in the Reactions-Leaderboard
  • Your forum is promoted on many places within our platform and on other websites/forums for been part of ForumRace and MicroLikes.
  • Your members can give and receive tips on your forum (MicroLikes)
  • Earn 5% of the total tips shared on your forum
  • Members of your forum that rank within the first 100 positions (Reactions-Leaderboard) earn daily rewards when using MicroLikes on their profiles.
  • Get 50,000 MicroLikes for you to start tipping your members.
  • Earn 30% when you refer a new forum.
  • Shared revenue from MicroLikes for Videos (NEW: coming soon)
  • Last but not least, becoming part of our forum network will lead to new opportunities.

If you are convinced and want to join us, then do the following:

At the admin control panel:
Go to: Setup > API keys > Add API key

Create an API key to integrate your forum with ForumRace

  1. Create a new user on your forum ( ForumRace )
  2. Key type : User key (assign the key to user: ForumRace )
  3. node : read
  4. thread : read
  5. Select [API key is active]
  6. then Save

Now that you have the API key ready, contact me and provide me
the link of your forum, the API key.
MicroLikes to your forum ( Quick guide )

Once checked and added, then be ready to make the payment with Paypal or Venmo.
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Subscription updated starting today: $1,500/year no exceptions.
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