Redeem MicroLikes earned in the Reactios-Leaderboard for January 2024


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Good news!
You can now redeem MicroLikes earned in the Reactions-Leaderboard page (earned on January 2024)

Payments will be sent using PayPal.
We are thinking to set a minimum of 500 MicroLikes ($5.00)
but this time you can redeem as low as 100 MicroLikes. (you will receive the total amount we send minus PayPal fees)

How to redeem?
Login to MicroLikes, then send a message to admin as shown in the image bellow with the
message: Redeeming January 2024 MicroLikes earned in the Reactions-Leaderboard + put your PayPal email at the end of the message

And you will receive a message back as soon as we send you the payment.



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That's awesome! Thank you for sharing, I will get around to advising our forum members that this is now available. Thank you!


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An easy way to know how many MicroLikes you earned is by filtering the transactions as follow and the total MicroLikes will be displayed.
Date: 2024-01
To: your username
Message: Reactions-Leaderboard

I asked permission to Devin to post this image as an example. In this case, Devin earned $24.79 on January 2024.


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I am not cashing in my MicroLikes. I will be handing them out for great content. :)
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I am not cashing in my MicroLikes. I will be hanging them out for great content.
You can use the MicroLikes I gave you for promotion in your forums for that, you are very welcome to cash in the MicroLikes
you have earned as a regular user on forums(including your own forums) ;)

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