The story behind ForumRace


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The story behind ForumRace, might be interesting to read specially
for those thinking I am copying someone else's project.

Way back around 2008, I started joining forums and became obsessed with forums and the friendships I built.

By 2009, I started a project called (One Million Forum Profiles)

I was super inspired by The Million Dollar Homepage
For some reasons, I like the word "Million"(I want to be a millionaire and determined to achieve it) and I applied it to Forum Profiles :) And since the domain name MFP .com was
not available, I added the number one in front of it.

With the lack of technology, my short knowledge in programming, I was brave enough to
make this: :)

Through the months working on it, Someone came along and offered me to open a section
on his already established forum to talk about 1MFP and made me admin on that Subforum.
I was the happiest young man in the world and that created a sequence of opportunities which allowed me
to grow my project from 50 unique daily visitors to an average between 3,000 to 5,000 daily visitors in a matter of days. I tasted my days of fame :) for the first time and it let me with very good memories, meeting people from all around the world for the first time.

I want to note, I couldn't write English at all, I had a dictionary software downloaded on my
computer to translate all the posting on forums. (it was intense)
All those experiences left a deep mark on me and intensified my love for forums.

As many of you, life happens and I was forced to leave forums and online activities.
To make it a little shorter, last year I received an email from Cedric, inviting me to join
his forum. I joined his forum and started making some posts until...... I read something... a thread that says:
Forum Screenshots/Memories From the Past
And I replied with this:
tempted - 2024-01-06 - 03-14-14.jpg

Some days before I had posted a thread to brainstorm ideas with others, but I already knew what I wanted to do 14+ years ago ;)

And here we are today... Telling what's behind ForumRace, MicroLikes, and so many things that are in the making....

I want to thank you for having the patience and interest in reading about the origins of ForumRace :)

With love, for forum Lovers! ~Mike30
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This is an inspiring story, moving from a simple stage with a good idea to where we are today. Moral of this story; We need to always run with our dreams, it might just be what the world is waiting for. Dear Admin I'm wishing you success with all other projects in the making too.

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